noun \ ə-ˈpläm , -ˈpləm \

self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation


We provide a tailored architectural visualisation experience, where understanding the design brief is the premise, pushing the envelope of artistry and photorealism is the approach, and a happy resultant product and professional relationship is the outcome. 

We are a creative agency specialising in Architectural Visualisation.

We collaborate with property developers, architects and designers to translate design ideas into stunning architectural visualisation images, that help them gain an edge over their competition.

We create visualisation solutions.

With an extensive work experience in various architectural studios and production houses , we understand the process right from the start of design conception, to marketing strategies and finish product.

Being designers ourselves, and with our wealth of knowledge in various 3D rendering software and plugins, we can contribute to the design process to help our clients achieve their vision.

We make archviz but we're not an archviz factory.

Our artists are passionate about their craft.

We encourage them to be rigorous, open, creative and keep learning to stay "fresh".

We want to be better and do better. 


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Sarah is the founder of APLOMB, where she oversees production, creative direction and project management.

Prior to forming APLOMB, Sarah worked as an artist in renowned Australian visualisation firm Floodslicer, and as visualisation team leader at international Architectural firm Aedas. 

Having been in different aspects of the 3D visualisation pipeline, Sarah believes that she can find a common ground where architects, developers and 3D artists can work together to create something special. 

With the advent of photorealistic render engines, VR and AR technology, 3D visualisation workflows are more dynamic than ever and the possibility to create works of Art in archiviz is unprecedented.

APLOMB was founded as a result of her desire to bridge visualisation aspirations with Technology and Art, a hunger for challenge and a bid to provide better visualisation experiences.


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Emily is an Associate at APLOMB. 

Prior to APLOMB, Emily worked as an artist in established Singapore visualisation studio VisualMediaWorks.

She has a keen interest in moving images and hopes to bring vitality and realism to her images and films through a cinematographic approach to Archviz.

A lover of photography and poetry, Emily brings her unique sense of minimalist style and aesthetics to the studio.

Less is more.

"Stay hungry, stay foolish."

Steve Jobs