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We are a Singapore-based visualisation studio specialising in high-quality visuals of unbuilt architectural spaces.

We provide a tailored architectural visualisation journey, where understanding the design brief is the premise, pushing the envelope of artistry and photorealism is the approach, and a happy resultant product and professional relationship is the outcome. 


noun \ ə-ˈpläm , -ˈpləm \

self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation


Sarah is the Founder of APLOMB.


She oversees production, creative direction and project management.

Prior to forming APLOMB, Sarah honed her skills as an artist in Australian visualisation studio Floodslicer, and led the visualisation team at international Architecture firm Aedas. 

Having been in different aspects of the architectural visualisation pipeline, Sarah believes that she can find a common ground where architects, designers, estate developers and artists can work together to create a desirable visual product.


Emily is the Associate Partner at APLOMB. 


Prior to APLOMB, Emily worked as an artist in established Singapore visualisation studio VisualMediaWorks, and Aedas Singapore.

She has a keen interest in moving images, and hopes to bring vitality and realism to her images and films by using a cinematographic approach to ArchViz.

A lover of architecture, manga and poetry, Emily brings her unique sense of minimalist style and aesthetics to the studio.


"Stay hungry, stay foolish."

Steve Jobs